Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pleasant May Evening

This is a beautiful time of year at the farm.  All of the trees have their leaves fully opened, the grass is green and the perennials have all burst out of the ground.  It is also a very busy gardening time and trying to stay one step ahead of the weeds is always a challenge!  Every year in May I am filled with optimism that this will finally be the year that I have all of the gardens under control...well, maybe not this year...but next year for sure!

This is Horatio and although he may look like he is in trouble he is just being a clown.  He loves rolling around on our new stone retaining wall.  In a future post I will tell his (first) sad and then (now) happy story.  In the meantime though he is still very kitten-like and loves to torment the other cats and hang around with the dogs.  He is a very sweet and affectionate cat and we are happy that we were able to save him.

I was surprised to see our lawns were cut today.  Mike and his crew usually come on Friday to cut our grass so it is ready for the weekend.  Although we love mowing the lawn it took us a long time to realize that we simply cannot keep up with all of the work.  We have a couple of landscaping projects under way this year that will make our property a little easier to manage.

 A view down our country road.  No winding road here!  Our road is as straight as a stick.  In the distance is Lake Belwood, when we first moved here we could easily see it from our farm but the trees have all become so big it is hard to make it out.

Mike also mows our ditch and we love the way our roadside looks when he has finished.  We are always amused to note that our ditch in the country is wider than our entire back yard at our previous home in town.  We have started planting new sugar maples along the road as part of an informal tree succession plan.

Another project for this summer.  What to do about the sign?  The globe cedar is far too large and needs to be replaced with something...

This evening the sheep were restless and noisy.  Everything appears to be fine except that a handful of sheep have separated from the others and are grazing in Crab Apple Grove.  

Poor Drakk is working himself into a frenzy over the little raccoons that are living in the big maple on the other side of the fence.  As we seem to have several raccoon families in several large trees they are keeping him quite busy.

An early evening view across the road.  Our sheep often graze these fields on the weekend or in the morning during the week.  The rolling topography, trees and the river in the valley all provide a favourable habitat for coyotes so we only allow our sheep to graze for a few hours.  We regularly walk this area with our dogs to make sure that there are no signs of trouble.

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