Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shades of Green

Hello Everyone, we have had 2 days of good rain which we very much needed!  Our gardens are becoming very dry and our pastures needed the rain badly.

 Our daffodils and tulip have all finished, between the heat and strong winds the petals have blown off.  Our Japanese Lilac is getting ready to bloom.

 The young maple by our garden privy has fresh green leaves.

 The peonies are in full bud and look so fresh with the rain drops on their leaves.

First it was unseasonably hot and now unseasonably cold.

 A view from the balcony looking towards the southwest.  Everything is in full leaf!

A couple of weeks ago this crab apple was covered in white blossoms. Now it too is all green.

We have many varieties of hostas.  Sadly though it seems that several perennials and shrubs did not survive our winter...possibly because we had so little snow to protect them from the cold.  Some of the wiegela bushes have barely survived and it looks like the Black Lace Shrub has finally decided to die gracefully.  A number of the evergreens have winter kill as well.  Gardeners are always optimists though so this is an opportunity to rethink the garden and make new plans.

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  1. I am glad you got your rain ~ it is cool here but we didn't get much rain. I think with all the snow that melted into the ground we should be good for awhile.
    It is nice to have all those shades of green after the winter.

    1. I saw all of the snow you had in some of your blog posts! Here in my part of Ontario we only needed to use our farm tractor to clear snow twice. Lake Ophelia's water levels are very low so the recent rain was very welcome.