Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Evening Stroll

Hello everyone, another vacation week has flown past so I thought I would take a few minutes this evening to share some photos.

We were very excited earlier this week to learn of much need rain in the forecast.  Unfortunately we only received a scant 6 mm, not enough to bring any relief to our dry gardens, lawns and pastures.  

Here is the view that our sheep enjoy during the day.  We are surrounded by rolling hills and the view in the distance is on the other side of the river.  This pasture actually belongs to our neighbour but our sheep graze it daily.

One of our hay fields.  This field was seeded last fall so this is our first cut.  Our fields are surrounded by hedgerows and forests providing cover for all kinds of wildlife.  

The hay looks great.  Some bales are already in the barn and this cut will be baled this week.

Another view across the road.

This maple tree has suffered a mysterious crack and will need to be cut down.  We are not sure what happened to it, I wondered if it has been the sustained winds that we have had lately?  We only just noticed it this week.

A view down our road.

And turning around here is a view of our house.

We found this little welcome ornament on a trip to the Home Depot and my husband thought it would be fun to have on our gate to greet visitors.  And to our friends that know we still only have 4 dogs, not 5!

Our little garden privvy is still on the list of things to finish.

On the other hand the gazebo is finally stained.  I noticed that it is framing a view of one of our farm tractors...this is after all a working farm!

I have started painting the trim on the little garden shed.  I have decided I quite like the red against the green.

Finishing the area around our decks is quite a job.  This area next to the house had to be regraded and when finished will form a small enclosed courtyard with a fence and arbour.  It will be a lovely cool spot to enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine during the summer heat!

~Thank you for visiting and have a great week!~

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  1. I had frost seeded the hay field last winter and it had started to germinate when we got a very cold 3 weeks. The grasses and vetch survived but for the most part, the alfalfa didn't. Overall, the hay looks good, smells nice and is pretty thick.....we will just have to reseed some of the thin spots. Deer were grazing and bedding down in this field when I started to cut. I have set the haybine to a high cut setting to give the plants a chance to recover and regrow and it is working. After less than a week, the outer edges that I had cut are showing signs of regrowth. Once the hay is off, it will be time to spread some manure before spot seeding.