Monday, June 15, 2015

More rain....

Hello everyone, I am afraid that with our wet weather I have not been able to get into the gardens in the last week.  In the past 10 days we have had 135 mm of rain with another 5-10 mm forecast for today.  Everything including the weeds are now growing at an incredible pace!  

Here is a view of the side of our old stone house.  This veranda was part of the new construction we started last year.  As we love to spend time outdoors having several covered seating areas was on the top of our wish list.

This is part of our old grove with our ancient apple trees.  I hope to be able to paint my little garden shed this summer...if the weather cooperates!

This is a bit of a mystery.  I wonder what at my hostas?

A beautiful white peony.  If only they lasted longer!  Between the wind and the rain all of the peony blossoms have taken a beating.  I dont know the name of the variety but is is very fragrant.

This peony is almost a neon pink the colour is so vibrant!

I love how water collects in the leaves of the alchemilla, the droplets are like little diamonds.

 Very misty looking towards the road.

A sweet little rose planted at the top of the stone stairway leading to the driveway.  I love yellow roses even though the tag says that it is supposed to be pink!  One of the many  mysteries gardeners deal with.

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