Tuesday, September 22, 2015

End of Summer

Hello everyone, I havent had much time to take photos lately!  Yesterday morning was quite misty so I tried to take a few quick shots.

 The sun just starting to shine through the cedar hedge.
 An unusual early morning sky.

 The garden privvy.
 A view from the veranda towards one of the sheep fields.
 I drove past this field on the way to town and loved the look of the round bales.
 The trees down our road have not changed colour seems late in the season for so little colour.

Heavy dew on the cedar hedge.

We recently enjoyed an afternoon reception at Fort York where we had the opportunity to view the Canadian International Air Show.  There were so many boats in the harbour! We left photographing the air show to the professionals as we simply couldnt do it justice!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Storm

Hello everyone, the heat and humidity we have been experiencing create perfect conditions for summer storms.  This rainfall started a few minutes after I arrived home yesterday.  Although I dont have a picture of it the winds and rain were so strong that the Virginia Creeper on the north side of the house that almost reaches the roof actually came down in the storm.  In a recent blog I mentioned planting climbing hydrangeas to ultimately replace the Virginia Creeper....but I was thinking in perhaps 5 or 10 years?  

The water came down as an incredible rainfall by our kitchen deck.  I wanted to take a picture but the wind was so strong that when I opened the kitchen door the rain came inside...even though this area is covered by our balcony above!  So I had to take a picture from the side veranda instead.

Another shot looking back towards our kitchen deck.

Same veranda but now looking towards Willoughby Gate.

A slightly different angle.

The view from the balcony upstairs.  In the end the storm lasted about one hour and the rain gauge measured 36 mm of rain but I am convinced that we received more than that, the winds were so strong at one point that I dont think the rain gauge could collect the water.  

Today was warm and sunny with very brisk winds so the rains we received wont have much beneficial impact.  The summer has been very dry and many of our plants and shrubs are showing signs of stress.  Next week's forecast calls for another rainfall and with the longterm forecast calling for a warm dry fall we could certainly use the rain!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another Misty Morning

Hello everyone, we have gone from very warm to quite cool and now back to very warm temperatures again.

This was the temperature just before 6 pm on Monday.

The warm days and cool nights are generating a lot of mist for early morning shots!  This is the view from our deck looking towards the barn.

The lawn towards the garden shed is still quite misty.  There is a large statue of a cupid lying on its' side near the garden is a statue to remember Hercules, our first dog here at the farm.  The statue is quite heavy and I need to move a large piece of flagstone into position so it can stand properly.

Another misty view taken from a different angle on our deck.  We have two of these lanterns that need to be reinstalled after our recent renovations-they will be used to light the lane going towards the barn.

Another spider web.  The dew highlights the web beautifully.

This ewe is wondering if I am going to bring her some apples.

A view from the upper lawn looking towards one of the sheep fields next to the barn.

A view from Ash Alley looking towards Crab Apple Grove.  This mist was still quite thick.

Handsome Drakk loves being on the farm.  In his previous life he and his sister lived in a garage in the city.  At ten years of age he is quite a senior boy and enjoys patrolling the farm.  His sister is 9 years old and also loves being a country dog.  When we are home they love being outside with us.  During the day they enjoy sleeping on the furniture in our living room!  We are very happy to be able to offer safe and loving homes to so many pets.

One last shot before heading out for the day.  The forecast into next week calls for very warm temperatures and unfortunately no rain to speak of.

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