Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Warm Fall Day

Hello everyone, we have been very busy here at the farm trying to finish off some of our outdoor projects before winter arrives.  As always, some projects get bumped out of the way by other projects, and in general everything takes longer to do than we planned!  In the meantime I have a few quick photos to share with you.

Pretty Holly is obsessed with this old apple tree and the chipmunk or squirrel that lives in it.  We are convinced that the little creature spends its' day hurling insults at her and for her part Holly just cant walk away!  We can usually find her patiently waiting under the tree for something interesting to happen.

We have had several hard frosts already and many of the tender plants have died off.  I found these two little squashes on a vine in one of the flower gardens.

Yesterday was an unseasonably mild day reaching 19 degrees in the late afternoon. A late afternoon haze developed in the distance making it look and feel like early September instead of the beginning of November.  I spent the day in the garden trying to get my bulbs planted.  Sadly I still have many more to plant!  

This project will hopefully done by the end of this weekend,,,,it is our new koi pond!  It measures 11 x 17 feet and is 5 feet deep at the deepest point.  The koi are still in our waterfall pond which is not deep enough to allow them to survive our winter.

I love our old cedar hedge.

The chickens were enjoying the mild weather and spent the day feasting on weeds from the garden.

I had previously mentioned that the power utility was going to be cutting branches off of our large maple trees to help protect the power lines.  As we are in the country we will have power outages during ice storms and sometimes have brown-outs when high winds produce galloping wires.  The work crews dropped off some of the chipped wood in our farm lane to be used as mulch on the gardens.

Tiny little crab apples.

Lounging under the old apple trees.  This is a favourite spot for the sheep.

Sheep love to rub against things.  There are little tufts of wool on most of the lower branches on trees around the farm.

Part of the farmhouse.

More sheep enjoying the unseasonable mild afternoon temperatures.

Wishing everyone a great week!

~thank you for visiting~