Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday Snowstorm

Hello Dear Friends, it is has been a very odd winter so far here at the farm.  We have seen everything from snow storms to ice storms to very mild weather.  Yesterday we received about 20 cm of  heavy wet snow which was followed by strong winds overnight.  Fortunately we have been spared the huge snowfalls that Eastern Canada has been experiencing.

I love junkos.

My favourite lantern.

A view of our road looking northeast.

A view of our road looking northwest.

Our lambs do not have blue eyes but I dont know how to fix it!

Terrible twins!

Even though we have received a lot of snow the temperatures are mild so the barn is open.  The sheep can come and go as they please.

This little lamb is about a week old.

A mom and her little one.

The entrance to our driveway.

My little garden shed in the distance.

Our dear sweet old boy Drakk who still enjoys keeping an eye on things at the farm even though his advancing age is starting to show.

We are taking some time off of work this week to continue to work on our interior renovations.  Eventually I will have pictures to show of the progress!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.