Thursday, September 13, 2018

Misty Farm Views

 Hello dear friends, where has the summer gone?  Although we are heading back into some warm humid weather we have already had some very cool nights and there seems to be a hint of fall in the air.  Today I am sharing a few quick photos that I took yesterday morning.

Adirondack chairs are my favourite!  We could never have too many!  They are usually on our veranda but we also drag them around to various seating areas on the lawns.  This past weekend we had friends over for one of our "themed" dinners...this time we enjoyed Moroccan food.

A view towards the barn.  The mist was very thick but started to burn off quickly.

A sheep pasture across the road.

A view down our country road.

One of our hay fields.  We did not manage to get it completely cut this year.

More misty hay fields...

Spider art!

And now I must head off to my office in the city.  Have a great week!