Friday, May 18, 2018

Long Weekend!

Hello dear friends, at this time of the year it seems that the garden changes by the day!   I have snapped a few photos over the last couple of days to share with you.

We have 3 ponds at the farm.  Ponds are fascinating!  As we are on vacation for the next week I will try to write a post about ponds but for now I am sharing a picture of an ornamental grass that I received from my mother years ago.  It is actually rather invasive when used in the gardens but last year we discovered that it is quite happy to live in plastic pots in some of our water features.  Here it is coming up in our waterfall pond.

I have had somewhat disappointing results with some of our bulbs this year.  We were overrun with rabbits this year and have an incredible number of chipmunks.  We have had a poor showing of some bulbs that I didnt think those rodents found attractive                                          and   others plantings have been decimated. 

 I love allium.  I have had different varieties at the farm and they multiply reliably.  The trick of course is not to be too impatient and spear them with the garden fork!  This clump has lovely fat buds.

It is always fun to get some good photos of our sheep and lambs.  These two lambs are enjoying the warmth of this old manure pile.  Committed gardeners know the value of adding composted manure to the gardens and that is definitely a big advantage to having a farm!

 This little lamb is grazing very early pasture.  At this time of year our flock is still receiving grain and hay but over the next week they will be grazing new and lush pasture across the road giving our pastures a change to grow.

Having our own laying hens is another great advantage we have.  Every day we collect fresh eggs to use for our breakfasts and to use in cooking and baking.

Abby has learned this habit from her sisters.  Although the dogs always have an ample supply of fresh water it seems that fish water is the best.  Abby is still a puppy and we have been watching this situation unfold...we wonder how long before she topples into the pond?

Lake Ophelia in the distance.  The bull rushes are coming up and serve as a natural water purifier by absorbing the nutrients that allow algae to grow.

The lawns have received the first proper cut of the season.  Although I love to mow the lawn it is a very time consuming chore and as we both work full time it is not always possible for us to find the time to properly keep the lawns cut.  This year the crew that looks after our lawns were late getting started and had a hard time cutting through the thick and lush grass.  

The little garden privvy is closed and secured in the winter but in the summer holds our recycling and trash.  It is a pretty little structure and provides some nice photos!

For our Canadian visitors this weekend is a long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy long weekend!  Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Farm In Early May

Hello dear friends, this week we seem to have gone directly from Winter to Summer!  It is hard not to have spring fever when the temperatures are so warm.  The snow is finally gone so a little walkabout was in order.

A view of the moon at 6 am one morning this week.

Last weekend we moved our Adirondack chairs to the fire pit and had a lovely little bonfire.  Crackers, cheese and wine were the perfect accompaniment on a warm late afternoon. 

Pulmonaria is one of my favourite plants and one of the first to bloom here at the farm.

This Sweet Cicely has been a rampant self sower which puts it into the Garden Thug territory.  It has a very deep root and I will try cutting it back severely this year to see if it dies.  The plant is quite pretty and looks delicate but has firmly established itself under our large maple trees.

The daffodils are just starting to bloom.  The tulips have fallen victim to marauding rabbits.

Even the crocuses have been mowed down.

The three stooges!  Abby is fitting in very well.  It is hard to believe that she is already 6 months old!

This week the sheep were happy to have their photos taken.

This little lamb is not dead but is enjoying the sun and warm ground.

I hope that you enjoyed this very quick tour.  Thank you for visiting!