Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bitter Cold Farm Weekend

Hello dear friends it is a bitterly cold weekend here at the farm as we have been waking up to -21 degree temps.  Yesterday morning we had lovely hoar frost but by the time I got back from my Saturday morning shopping in town most of the best shots were already gone.  I took a few minutes to grab a few pictures to share.

Burdock is such an annoyance in the garden but looked quite beautiful when touched by the frost.

A view past our kitchen deck towards apple lane and the rear or the property.

A high view from the front veranda towards the hills in the distance.

We cant seem to keep enough birdseed on hand!

I dont recall seeing a woodpecker at our feeder before.

We usually start lambing in early December and I was wondering why our ewes hadnt produced any lambs yet. Yesterday however we had a set of twins and today we had a large single lamb.  We have a special pen that we call "The Twinnery" that we use to keep the mothers and their lambs separate from the rest of the flock.  This makes it easier to watch for trouble with the lambs and also minimizes the risk of a ewe walking away from her lamb and then abandoning it.  Sometimes another ewe may try to "steal" a lamb that is not hers.


Lambs typically have a yellow tint when first born.  The mothers will immediately clean them and encourage the new lamb to stand up so it can nurse.

Pretty girl!

There are many hay feeders in the barn so that the sheep can eat whenever they want.  When the temperatures are this cold we keep the barn closed.

A proud mom with her baby!

Thank you for visiting and wishing everyone a great week.

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