Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunny Sunday Walk

Hello dear friends and Happy New Year!  We have had quite a bit of snow at the farm and since it is  a beautiful day and I have a new pair of snowshoes we are taking a little walk!

These are traditional Huron-type snow shoes made of ash and rawhide webbing.  We were very excited to find them on a last minute shopping trip just before Christmas.  Using snow shoes isnt quite as easy as it looks but it is great exercise and a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors in winter. 

We have lots of bird activity. The bird feeders need constant refilling.  The blue jays are bird feeder bullies.

This little red barn feeder has many visitors.

A view across one of the pastures.  It is such a privilege to have so much land and we work hard to be responsible stewards.  I dont miss living in the city at all!

A view down apple lane.  The fencing divides this area into two separate fields.  The double row of apple trees provide shade and apples for the sheep.

Heading back with our farmhouse in the distance.

Coming around the barn to the farm lane going towards the road.

We love our cedar fences!

Now we are in front of the barn with a different view towards the farmhouse.

We never have a shortage of wood for the fireplace!

Our vacation is almost over and we have been busy working inside the house.  The current painting projects include the living room and library and wooden baseboards are being milled for the master bedroom.  I am excited about our progress and will have photos to share soon!

~thank you for visiting and wishing everyone all the best for 2017!~

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