Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another Misty Morning

Hello everyone, we have gone from very warm to quite cool and now back to very warm temperatures again.

This was the temperature just before 6 pm on Monday.

The warm days and cool nights are generating a lot of mist for early morning shots!  This is the view from our deck looking towards the barn.

The lawn towards the garden shed is still quite misty.  There is a large statue of a cupid lying on its' side near the garden is a statue to remember Hercules, our first dog here at the farm.  The statue is quite heavy and I need to move a large piece of flagstone into position so it can stand properly.

Another misty view taken from a different angle on our deck.  We have two of these lanterns that need to be reinstalled after our recent renovations-they will be used to light the lane going towards the barn.

Another spider web.  The dew highlights the web beautifully.

This ewe is wondering if I am going to bring her some apples.

A view from the upper lawn looking towards one of the sheep fields next to the barn.

A view from Ash Alley looking towards Crab Apple Grove.  This mist was still quite thick.

Handsome Drakk loves being on the farm.  In his previous life he and his sister lived in a garage in the city.  At ten years of age he is quite a senior boy and enjoys patrolling the farm.  His sister is 9 years old and also loves being a country dog.  When we are home they love being outside with us.  During the day they enjoy sleeping on the furniture in our living room!  We are very happy to be able to offer safe and loving homes to so many pets.

One last shot before heading out for the day.  The forecast into next week calls for very warm temperatures and unfortunately no rain to speak of.

~Thank you for visiting!~

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