Winter Collage

Winter Collage

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bitter Cold Farm Weekend

Hello dear friends it is a bitterly cold weekend here at the farm as we have been waking up to -21 degree temps.  Yesterday morning we had lovely hoar frost but by the time I got back from my Saturday morning shopping in town most of the best shots were already gone.  I took a few minutes to grab a few pictures to share.

Burdock is such an annoyance in the garden but looked quite beautiful when touched by the frost.

A view past our kitchen deck towards apple lane and the rear or the property.

A high view from the front veranda towards the hills in the distance.

We cant seem to keep enough birdseed on hand!

I dont recall seeing a woodpecker at our feeder before.

We usually start lambing in early December and I was wondering why our ewes hadnt produced any lambs yet. Yesterday however we had a set of twins and today we had a large single lamb.  We have a special pen that we call "The Twinnery" that we use to keep the mothers and their lambs separate from the rest of the flock.  This makes it easier to watch for trouble with the lambs and also minimizes the risk of a ewe walking away from her lamb and then abandoning it.  Sometimes another ewe may try to "steal" a lamb that is not hers.


Lambs typically have a yellow tint when first born.  The mothers will immediately clean them and encourage the new lamb to stand up so it can nurse.

Pretty girl!

There are many hay feeders in the barn so that the sheep can eat whenever they want.  When the temperatures are this cold we keep the barn closed.

A proud mom with her baby!

Thank you for visiting and wishing everyone a great week.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunny Sunday Walk

Hello dear friends and Happy New Year!  We have had quite a bit of snow at the farm and since it is  a beautiful day and I have a new pair of snowshoes we are taking a little walk!

These are traditional Huron-type snow shoes made of ash and rawhide webbing.  We were very excited to find them on a last minute shopping trip just before Christmas.  Using snow shoes isnt quite as easy as it looks but it is great exercise and a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors in winter. 

We have lots of bird activity. The bird feeders need constant refilling.  The blue jays are bird feeder bullies.

This little red barn feeder has many visitors.

A view across one of the pastures.  It is such a privilege to have so much land and we work hard to be responsible stewards.  I dont miss living in the city at all!

A view down apple lane.  The fencing divides this area into two separate fields.  The double row of apple trees provide shade and apples for the sheep.

Heading back with our farmhouse in the distance.

Coming around the barn to the farm lane going towards the road.

We love our cedar fences!

Now we are in front of the barn with a different view towards the farmhouse.

We never have a shortage of wood for the fireplace!

Our vacation is almost over and we have been busy working inside the house.  The current painting projects include the living room and library and wooden baseboards are being milled for the master bedroom.  I am excited about our progress and will have photos to share soon!

~thank you for visiting and wishing everyone all the best for 2017!~

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowy Sunday

 Hello dear friends and thank you for visiting our blog even when I have not been posting anything new!  I am surprised and delighted to have so many visitors from Europe.  

We have had quite a bit of snow this week and I suspect more snow so far than we had all last winter-and technically winter has not yet started!  Although it was cold today for the most part it was clear so I borrowed my husband's snowshoes for a little walkabout.

 Yes those really are frozen chrysanthemums in our new garden urns!  There is a flagstone terrance under than snow. 

Oh dear it would seem that the lawn furniture is still on the dining terrace.

I hope that we received some points for at least managing to get the cushions inside!  

This year I used the skates to decorate the gate going to the barn.  As we are not hosting any Christmas activities at the farm this year I havent spent much time decorating.

 The sheep are comfy in the barn.  It has been bitterly cold so they are confined inside so that we can keep the temperatures above freezing. 

We have had windchill values around -15 or colder and since we usually start lambing in December we dont want to take a chance that any newborns will become hypothermic.  And we dont want the water troughs to freeze.

I love this cedar hedge.  The chickens are comfortable in their insulated chicken coop-no foraging for fresh grass and bugs at this time of year.

A view from the barn looking towards the house.  A farm tractor comes in very handy for clearing snow!

Humble decorations for our gate at the road!

Looking back towards the barn and the freshly cleared lane.

From the end of the driveway looking towards the house.  The stone part is original and the addition was just done about 18 months ago.

A little stroll down the road shows the damage to this Austrian Pine from the ice storm last year.  The boughs are bending under the weight of the snow.

A view of the front of the house from the road.

My little garden shed in the distance.

Another view.  And now back to getting prepared for another work week.  I am happy to be able to take some time off between Christmas and New Years and hope to have more photos to share with you.

~Thank you for visiting!~

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Warm Fall Day

Hello everyone, we have been very busy here at the farm trying to finish off some of our outdoor projects before winter arrives.  As always, some projects get bumped out of the way by other projects, and in general everything takes longer to do than we planned!  In the meantime I have a few quick photos to share with you.

Pretty Holly is obsessed with this old apple tree and the chipmunk or squirrel that lives in it.  We are convinced that the little creature spends its' day hurling insults at her and for her part Holly just cant walk away!  We can usually find her patiently waiting under the tree for something interesting to happen.

We have had several hard frosts already and many of the tender plants have died off.  I found these two little squashes on a vine in one of the flower gardens.

Yesterday was an unseasonably mild day reaching 19 degrees in the late afternoon. A late afternoon haze developed in the distance making it look and feel like early September instead of the beginning of November.  I spent the day in the garden trying to get my bulbs planted.  Sadly I still have many more to plant!  

This project will hopefully done by the end of this weekend,,,,it is our new koi pond!  It measures 11 x 17 feet and is 5 feet deep at the deepest point.  The koi are still in our waterfall pond which is not deep enough to allow them to survive our winter.

I love our old cedar hedge.

The chickens were enjoying the mild weather and spent the day feasting on weeds from the garden.

I had previously mentioned that the power utility was going to be cutting branches off of our large maple trees to help protect the power lines.  As we are in the country we will have power outages during ice storms and sometimes have brown-outs when high winds produce galloping wires.  The work crews dropped off some of the chipped wood in our farm lane to be used as mulch on the gardens.

Tiny little crab apples.

Lounging under the old apple trees.  This is a favourite spot for the sheep.

Sheep love to rub against things.  There are little tufts of wool on most of the lower branches on trees around the farm.

Part of the farmhouse.

More sheep enjoying the unseasonable mild afternoon temperatures.

Wishing everyone a great week!

~thank you for visiting~