Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Early July At The Farm

Hello Everyone, time keeps getting away from us here at the farm.  For being as busy as we have been I am not yet ready to show all of our projects!  As things come together I will have more to show you.

 A view towards our back pasture.  Our farm is subdivided into a number of different fenced areas for our sheep.  From the front and side of our house we have views of the pastures and can usually see and hear at least some of our flock.

 The sheep like to rest under the shade of the apple trees against the fence.

The sheep provide many photo opportunities!

The little garden privy has still not been touched this year.  We still have some construction materials stored close by so I have been avoiding dealing with this part of our property!

The clematis has been thriving against the fence and I am pleased to note that there are no signs of the Japanese Lily Beatle...perhaps because I havent weeded this area!

Here is a two part project that will be done soon.  The concrete pad is for a generator that will be arriving later this month.  As we have experienced a number of power outages in the last couple of years a generator will power the farm in case of an emergency.  A recent loss of power this past winter caused the water lines going to the barn to freeze over.  Because we live in a rural area power outages not only mean we do not have heat for our home but means we also dont have any running water.  Our longest power outage was 5 days over Christmas 2 years ago as a result of an ice storm.  We are anxious to not go through that again!

We are very pleased with this deck that was part our major renovation last year.  There are the sheep in the distance!

Two young gentlemen on big mowers make very short work of cutting the lawns.  They are usually in and out in just over one hour.

Last week we took advantage of a dry break in the weather to cut some hay.  We have had significantly more rainfall than usual and it has made access to the fields difficult.  The weather has also been on the cool side so the hay has not grown as much as we would expect by now which makes it more challenging to cut and bale.  Another hay field has deep ruts from our tractor getting bogged down.  

Here is Charlotte, one of three house cats!  Charlotte enjoys lounging on the front veranda when the weather is warm.

The two newest members of our family are Lucy and Willow.  They are not used to sheep and seem to think that they are dogs!

I love this pretty yellow rose that we have planted at the top of the stone steps leading to the driveway.

This is very curious.  I bought 2 of these ornamental acorns and hung them in an oak tree a couple of years ago.  When I was working in this garden I noticed that one of the acorns had been filled with little twigs.  We have another nesting box that also has twigs in it.  We dont know for sure but think it might be a wren.

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