Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Relaxing on the Veranda

Hello everyone, I thought I would share some quick photos of part of our veranda....

You would never know that we actually have 3 cats as most of our photos seem to be of Horatio.  He is enjoying patrolling the veranda railings.

Some potted mini roses decorating a corner of the deck.

We are ready for our morning coffee break.  The deck immediately adjacent to the kitchen is protected and provides a comfortable shaded area to sit and work on some hand quilting.  

This is part of our front veranda looking towards the road.  We love our Adirondack chairs!

Same veranda but now looking in the opposite direction towards sheep pastures. 

A misty view from the veranda across the front lawn.

Another misty view from the front veranda.

Working on a blog is exhausting!

~thank you for visiting~

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