Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Images of Fall

Hello everyone, we are preparing for a significant rainfall tomorrow and if the forecast is correct by the time the wind and rain moves on we wont have any leaves anywhere!  In the meantime I am sharing some photos that I took some time ago.

A sweet little angel.

This concord grape vine always produces large amounts of fruit each fall.  We were horrified to find the two newest additions to our dog family eating them as grapes can be toxic to dogs.  As the latest dogs are yellow labs and seem to eat absolutely everything we decided to remove the vine completely and not take any chances.

This Virginia Creeper pops up everywhere.  The fall colour is stunning.

One of a pair of muscovy ducks on patrol.  A friend originally provided us with 6 ducks several years ago however 4 have since passed away either from old age or in a couple of instances as a result of an unfortunate encounter with a raccoon.

Our garden privy and our trusty wheelbarrow.

A crab apple after a rainfall.

An old cedar bench made of reclaimed wood.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello everyone, I love the start of each season and fall is no exception!  Here are some little photos that I took this afternoon.

I found these stone fruits several years ago at my local supermarket.  I love how they look in my metal basket.

I enjoy visiting a local shop that manufactures many varieties of concrete statues.  We have quite a collection of them scattered throughout the gardens.

A ceramic bird in the bird bath.

 One of the wonderful bonuses to living in the country is we dont need to drive anywhere to see the fabulous fall colours.  

A collection of gourds and miniature pumpkins.

A view from our dining room.

A view from one of the kitchen windows.  This area is part of our new construction which we will be working on this winter.  By spring I hope to have some updates of the interior to share.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Colours

Hello everyone, it is a very warm and windy Thanksgiving Monday here at Carogil Farm.  

The wind has been whipping the tall ornamental grasses.

 A view down the country road with Lake Belwood obscured by the trees.

There are so many shades of yellows, golds and reds in the leaves.

 Vibrant berries of the Mountain Ash.  So sad to think that so many Ash trees are vulnerable to attack and may disappear from our landscape.

More glorious fall colour.

Drakk takes bringing home the sheep very seriously.

Our old stone house dates from the 1850s but the adjoining wing was just completed earlier this year.  We are fortunate to be the caretakers of such an old Ontario farmhouse.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.  The weather today has been glorious.  The leaves have started to change colour although with the high winds this weekend they they are starting to come down quickly.

A blown glass apple.

And a blown glass bird.

Beautiful yellows, golds and oranges in the sugar maple.

A view towards the road.

~wishing everyone a safe Thanksgiving Weekend~

Friday, October 9, 2015

Early October

Hello everyone, this weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada!  I have a few quick photos to share with you.

We have had this birdbath forever and it has been moved around the property several times.

On the way to the barn....

An old bench made of reclaimed wood from the bottom of the Magnetewan River.

An old concrete water trough in one of the pastures.  It was there when we moved here and will probably stay there forever.

The sheep love windfall apples.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Early Autumn

Hello everyone.  I have been quite busy lately and have not been sharing pictures of our farm as often as I had hoped.  I am so pleased that many of you still pop by to view my blog!

An early morning shot taken from our upstairs balcony off of the master bedroom.  The early morning light is so serene.

Another shot from our balcony but a slightly different view looking towards Willoughby Gate.  

A view towards our old bank barn.  This barn was part of the property when we originally purchased it over 20 years ago.  We suspect that the original barn may have fallen down and this one was constructed to replace it.  We believe it was built in the 1940s.

Another early morning photo taken from an upstairs window.

After a wet spring we have had a dry summer.  This is a view looking towards a new hay field which unfortunately is not doing very well.  There are 5 different types of grasses, alfalfa and hairy vetch as part of the seed mixture we selected for this field as it is a produces a very good hay for sheep.  After germinating however many of the seedlings dried up.  We are so dependent on favourable weather conditions and this year the weather has not cooperated!

Another misty view.

 One of our sideroads in the morning.  Now the trees are quickly starting to produce their fall colours so I will need to take more photos to share.

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