Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Images of Fall

Hello everyone, we are preparing for a significant rainfall tomorrow and if the forecast is correct by the time the wind and rain moves on we wont have any leaves anywhere!  In the meantime I am sharing some photos that I took some time ago.

A sweet little angel.

This concord grape vine always produces large amounts of fruit each fall.  We were horrified to find the two newest additions to our dog family eating them as grapes can be toxic to dogs.  As the latest dogs are yellow labs and seem to eat absolutely everything we decided to remove the vine completely and not take any chances.

This Virginia Creeper pops up everywhere.  The fall colour is stunning.

One of a pair of muscovy ducks on patrol.  A friend originally provided us with 6 ducks several years ago however 4 have since passed away either from old age or in a couple of instances as a result of an unfortunate encounter with a raccoon.

Our garden privy and our trusty wheelbarrow.

A crab apple after a rainfall.

An old cedar bench made of reclaimed wood.

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