Monday, November 2, 2015

Apple Lane

Hello Everyone, 
we have had quite a stormy week so most of our trees have lost their leaves.  Somehow the colours are a little ghostly, dont you think?  I took a little walk down apple lane and have a few photos to share.

Apple lane is one of the little mysteries of our farm.  A double row of old apple trees that lead no where.

We also have the odd hawthorne tree as well.  Their thorns are a menace for the sheep and dogs and over time we are cutting them down.  This one has lovely gnarled bark and mosses.

I love the large rocks with mosses on them.

Beautiful textures.

Beautiful colours.

We use apple lane to divide two different pastures for the sheep.  Sheep love to eat apples so it doesnt matter which pasture they are grazing, they will be able to get some shade in the summer and snack on apples in the fall.

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