Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Afternoon at the Farm

Hello dear friends, while we continue to work away on our farmhouse renovations life goes on outside. At this time of year it seems that our views change by the minute!  The grass is lush and green and many of the trees are starting to unfurl their leaves.  We cut our grass this weekend which seems very early in the season.  I took a little stroll this afternoon and have some photos to share with you.

I have a weakness for Vesey's bulbs. Those fabulous pictures, those enchanting names...!  How many times have I ordered extravagant numbers of bulbs in the warm sunny days of the summer only to have the  bulbs arrive in the cold wet fall when getting them planted is a challenge at best.

Our laying hens are enjoying the outdoor weather.  I have been doing some gardening and the chickens are very excited to have a wheelbarrow load of fresh weeds delivered.  Over the years we have lost many of our hens to marauding racoons so they are kept in a fenced enclosure. 

Twins at the milk bar!

An inquisitive lamb.

Staying close to Mom.

A view of the back of the farmhouse.  The stone house is the original farmhouse and the addition is finished in board and batten.  

The forsythia has suddenly burst into bloom.

More Vesey's bulbs in front of the stone wall that surrounds our koi pond.  The koi pond was a last minute project last fall to accommodate the koi that we received from a friend.  Each year we buy ornamental fish for our ponds and move them to Lake Ophelia in the fall but these koi were quite beautiful and we wanted to be able to keep them close to the house so we could enjoy them.   The pond itself is finished but the landscaping is not-when it is finished I will share pictures

This pretty statue marks the resting place of Carrie, one of our beautiful German Shepherds.  As with so many of our dogs Carrie came to us from a rescue.  When her owner passed away the family did not want to deal with Carrie's special medical needs.  We were able to adopt her and she spent many years enjoying life on our farm and working with our sheep.  She was a very beautiful girl and was even featured in a fund raising calendar! 

My daffodils need to be divided.

This lovely statue marks the resting place of Jessie, another beautiful German Shepherd.  Jessie came from the same rescue as Carrie although a few years later.  We were devastated when we lost her to cancer.

This statue is for Kodiak!  We are privileged to have been able to provide safe and loving homes for so many beautiful dogs.  Kodiak also came to us after having had a very difficult start in his life.  

Mrs Robin has chosen our gazebo as the new home for her family.  With 3 dogs and 2 cats it is honestly a mystery to me as to why birds choose to build nests so close to our house!

There is the little garden shed in the distance.  I have some finishing touches to do on the outside and if time permits this year I will paint the inside.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your week!