Monday, October 5, 2015

Early Autumn

Hello everyone.  I have been quite busy lately and have not been sharing pictures of our farm as often as I had hoped.  I am so pleased that many of you still pop by to view my blog!

An early morning shot taken from our upstairs balcony off of the master bedroom.  The early morning light is so serene.

Another shot from our balcony but a slightly different view looking towards Willoughby Gate.  

A view towards our old bank barn.  This barn was part of the property when we originally purchased it over 20 years ago.  We suspect that the original barn may have fallen down and this one was constructed to replace it.  We believe it was built in the 1940s.

Another early morning photo taken from an upstairs window.

After a wet spring we have had a dry summer.  This is a view looking towards a new hay field which unfortunately is not doing very well.  There are 5 different types of grasses, alfalfa and hairy vetch as part of the seed mixture we selected for this field as it is a produces a very good hay for sheep.  After germinating however many of the seedlings dried up.  We are so dependent on favourable weather conditions and this year the weather has not cooperated!

Another misty view.

 One of our sideroads in the morning.  Now the trees are quickly starting to produce their fall colours so I will need to take more photos to share.

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