Friday, August 28, 2015

Early morning at the farm

Hello everyone, the cooler evening temperatures lead to beautifully misty mornings.  The mist was quite heavy this morning so I tried to take some photos to share with you before the sun burned the mist away.

I really enjoy this statue of a German Shepherd.  We have had many German Shepherds in the time we have lived here at the farm and they are one of our favourite breeds.  I like to collect statues to remember the many pets that we have had that are no longer with us.

On a farm it seems that everything is a work in progress.  You can just see my little garden shed in the distance which I have painted green.  When the rest of the trim in installed I will finish painting it.
 This is an early morning view through the big maples on the way to the barn.

This area on the southeast side of the house was excavated last year as part of the drainage system around the new construction.  We have quite a bit of work to do to finish the grading.  The good thing is that living on a farm usually means we have a lot of heavy duty "toys" to make the job a little easier.

A very misty view towards our forest.  Some sheep are just visible in the distance.  The chickens are still securely locked in the chicken coop-we have recently had some unwelcome visits from a raccoon that killed some of our laying hens.

A view from the bedroom balcony towards our front pasture.

We planted this cedar hedge about 10 years ago and it has done very well...except for a couple of trees which were snacked on by the sheep.  If someone tells you that sheep wont damage cedar trees dont believe them!

A very pretty ewe.  The very first ewe on our farm had a mottled face and almost 20 years later we still see some of the markings in her offspring.

Our sheep are free to roam as they wish.  They like to congregate under the apple trees.

The sun is quickly burning off the mist.  Here is our dining room terrance.

I took a lot of pictures of this spider web before finding one that actually looked like a spider web!

I believe that this is some form of rudbeckia that was a gift from a gardening friend.  It blooms reliably every year and has been divided a couple of times.

The forecast is for a pleasant weekend so I hope to finish staining our gazebo and to start working on the water fall garden.

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