Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An August Weekend

I never tire of photos of our sheep.  I actually need to take quite a few shots to get a few worth keeping.  Some of our ram lambs have horns which my husband quite likes...I however am not happy about this as I will always remember visiting a sheep farm with a horned ram that tried to break through the wall of their barn.

This spring our crab apple trees were bursting with flowers and now we can see the result.  Some of our trees are just dripping with apples and the branches are bending under the weight.

Willow is one of the latest additions to our family.  She is a senior girl and knows how to take advantage of the furniture!  Before we adopted her she had lost much of her fur but happily most of it has grown back.  She is a delightful (but quite disobedient) old girl.

This is Lucy.  We are not sure of the relationship between Lucy and Willow but it was important that they be adopted together.  We think Lucy may be Willow's daughter but will never know for sure.  Lucy also had some health issues that seem to be resolving well.  We are fortunate to have an excellent relationship with our veterinarian who helps us make sure that all of the animals we adopt have healthy and happy lives.

Last week I was showing the gardens to a friend and we stumbled upon several clumps of what seem to be lady bug nests.  I have never seen this before.  This week I found several more.

This terrace is off our dining room and is not finished.  It was part of our new construction last year and we had to add tons of gravel to help us navigate across the wet and slippery clay that was the result of all of the excavation.  This is a nice spot to sit in the morning for coffee when our kitchen deck is too hot with the rising sun.  We are not sure yet how we would like to finish this area...perhaps pea gravel or flagstone.  We will probably work on this project next year.

A vintage style shot of our garden privy which is not a privy at all but a little shed to hold the trash and recycling.

I have taken quite a liking to hydrangeas and this is one of my newest purchases...it is called Pinky Winky.  It is supposed to grow up to 8 feet tall and will fill in the area between our little gazebo and our ivory silk tree.  

Now it is back to work for the rest of the week, this weekend I hope to be able to finish my gazebo project.

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