Sunday, August 9, 2015

Unfinished Projects

Hello everyone, we have had a very busy summer so far here at the farm.  Sadly though being busy is not always the same as accomplishing something!  I thought I would share some pictures of projects in various stages of completion.

 One of the most exciting things about a major renovation is being able to create new spaces.  This will be the dining terrace just off the new dining room.  As the ground as still settling we have been using gravel as a walking surface.

My little garden shed is coming along slowly!  I have now painted it green and when the trim is put on I will paint it in a contrasting colour...perhaps red!

 In the process of moving some trash I found this little toad.  You will have to look carefully as he is pressed against the opening between the two stones.

At long last our old chicken coop has been demolished.  Tomorrow we will be able to seed this area to convert it to lawn.  I created a little garden around this red maple, partly to relocate a couple of perennials that needed to be moved but also to help protect the tree from the lawn mowers and weed trimmers.
 We are always amused when we find relics in the ground.  While raking the soil to prepare it for seeding the little creature surfaced.

This part of our border is Bailey's Garden.  This statue is quite heavy and was a bit of a job to move.

This spring we fretted over how much rain we had.  The ground was so wet we couldnt get our tractor onto the fields.  Now however the ground is parched and cracking.  Although we had a violent storm last weekend with a tornado only 10 minutes away many plants are showing some stress.

This is a big unfinished project!  A huge pile of top soil that appears to be a mountain of weeds.  I hope to have it completely removed by the end of this growing season!

Today was quite warm in our region and we needed to stop for frequent water breaks with the heat.  Drakk and Holly are exercising their supervisory privileges by resting in the shade!
I think I will do the same.  Time to relax on the back deck!

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