Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Storm

Hello everyone, the heat and humidity we have been experiencing create perfect conditions for summer storms.  This rainfall started a few minutes after I arrived home yesterday.  Although I dont have a picture of it the winds and rain were so strong that the Virginia Creeper on the north side of the house that almost reaches the roof actually came down in the storm.  In a recent blog I mentioned planting climbing hydrangeas to ultimately replace the Virginia Creeper....but I was thinking in perhaps 5 or 10 years?  

The water came down as an incredible rainfall by our kitchen deck.  I wanted to take a picture but the wind was so strong that when I opened the kitchen door the rain came inside...even though this area is covered by our balcony above!  So I had to take a picture from the side veranda instead.

Another shot looking back towards our kitchen deck.

Same veranda but now looking towards Willoughby Gate.

A slightly different angle.

The view from the balcony upstairs.  In the end the storm lasted about one hour and the rain gauge measured 36 mm of rain but I am convinced that we received more than that, the winds were so strong at one point that I dont think the rain gauge could collect the water.  

Today was warm and sunny with very brisk winds so the rains we received wont have much beneficial impact.  The summer has been very dry and many of our plants and shrubs are showing signs of stress.  Next week's forecast calls for another rainfall and with the longterm forecast calling for a warm dry fall we could certainly use the rain!

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