Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello Everyone!  After a lovely Saturday and windy Sunday it has started to rain.  As of this morning we had 30 mm of rain in the rain gauge we have attached to the fence.  As of this evening we have had another 16 mm.

I love taking pictures in the early morning.  Everything looks very lush and green.  This shot is taken from our front veranda which was rebuilt last year.  Our contractor added an aluminum ceiling and replaced the floor boards, railing and spindles.

This is a view of the hay field in front of our home with part of our forest at the edge of the field.  The forest is mostly conifers and was part of a reforestation project some 50 years ago.

More rain and a beautiful peony that is a vibrant pink.  The variety has very open flowers unlike so many that have very ruffled flowers.  We have long since lost the plant tag so I dont know what it is called.

 This is a narrow area between the deck off of our kitchen and the wooden fence at the driveway.  We have not finished grading this area so the rain is running in torrents down the path.

Everything looks very lush.  Behind the cedar tree is an elm tree.  We lost our elms about 20 years ago to disease but this particular elm seeded itself in the shrub border.  We wonder if the new generation of elms trees will be more disease resistant.

This part of our fence has been in place for a number of years and helps to keep our many dogs safe on our property.  The clematis has been growing nicely along a trellis and the peony is full of buds.  This part of our garden is going through a significant renovation this summer and will eventually hold our waterfall garden.

It looks like a jungle!

A view towards Willowby Gate with the hills in the distance.  I love the misty look.

A view towards our old bank barn.  The rain has come down so heavily it is ponding on the ground.

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