Thursday, June 30, 2016

Late Afternoon Garden Stroll

Hello dear friends, we are enjoying a fabulous vacation week.  As always we have projects and farm chores galore!  While waiting for my parents to stop by for a quick visit I thought I would take some photos to share.

We have 4 large dogs living with us and yesterday they mastered the art of the photo-bomb!  This is Holly's back end and Drakk's front end.

Hello again Holly!  She is a very pretty girl.

Several years ago I created a shrub border running along the road side of our property but over the years it became overgrown.  Earlier this year we removed many of the large and overgrown junipers and have been cutting away at the virginia creeper which has been appearing everywhere.  This little rose bush has emerged from the wreckage!

Painting the trim on my little garden shed is still on my list of things to do this week.

Garden statuary.

One of the great things about a large property is that there is no shortage of seating areas!  These 2 Adirondack chairs are next to a Turkish grill which I bought several years ago from Lee Valley, one of my favourite stores.  The grill is made of copper and we use it as a little fire pit but can also use it as a grill for cooking.  It is made of copper and has a decorative lid to protect it when not in use.

Many parts of our province are being impacted by drought-like conditions.  We have had less than 20% of the rainfall we would expect to have since the beginning of June and many plants are starting to show signs of stress.  Not only has it been very dry but we have had some very warm days.  Some of our ferns that are planted in a consistently moist part of our garden are also starting to turn brown and wither.

This lovely plant is Matricaria Feverfew which self sows freely in the garden.  At the moment we have white clouds of blooms everywhere.

This statue is the newest addition to the gardens and will soon be part of one of our memory gardens marking the resting spot of our beloved dog Kodiak who passed away last year.

I love our new water gauge!  We have a large gauge on one of the fences along the driveway which is very practical and most unattractive!  Now we need some rainfall.

Now we are off to work on more of our current projects.  If all goes well I will have additional updates shortly.

~Thank you for visiting!~

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