Monday, June 13, 2016

Early Morning

Hello dear friends, I have been rather absent of late not because we havent been working on anything...but because nothing has progressed far enough to be able to properly share with you!  For those of you that are curious though I thought I would pop by with some quick photos from early this morning.

I stepped out this morning to see what Willow was up to and why it always takes her so long to come back from her early morning stroll and the light shining onto the deck was glorious.  In the few minutes it took to get my camera though the time had already passed.

I think every gardener has at least one of these nameless pink peonies.

This peony is almost a neon pink.  It is a shock of colour that stands out even at the road!  I am disappointed though that my camera is not taking photos true to colour...perhaps I need to re-examine the settings.

The sheep are out for their morning stroll.  We had a surprise lamb born on the weekend I will try to get photos of her this week.

Here is a project to report on.  We are adding one more deck to the side of the house that will connect to the gazebo.  It will also solve a rather tricky fix that we need to do with the grading around the house.  

There is the little gazebo in the background.  We hope to have this done before the weekend before we host a little dinner for friends.

In a previous post I had mentioned that Emerald Ash Borer has now been discovered in our area.  This Autumn Ash was planted several years ago and we just noticed that the crown of the tree is noticeably more bare on one side.  At first I thought that the tree was just slow to bud out this year but now that we are watching it carefully we fear that we may now have the ash borer on our farm.  Although this is our largest ash tree our farm lane is lined on both sides with ash trees. Sadly it will just be a matter of time before we lose them.

This is a very pretty little perennial geranium.  The blue variety freely self sows absolutely everywhere but this one little plant is very self contained and doesnt even spread.  I wish it would!

I just noticed this pink columbine in a weedy section of one of the gardens.  I wonder where it came from?

These irises are actually purple.

And this columbine is also purple.  I really need to find out what happened to the colours!

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