Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello everyone, we are enjoying a week's vacation at the farm.  Of course, for us vacation means we are taking a week off from our jobs in the city...there is always much to do around the farm!

It appears that the bird bath makes a great water bowl for Horatio.

The sheep always make a quick right hand turn on the way home from the pasture across the road to munch on the apples trees.

This old girl is April's grand-daughter.  April was the very first ewe we ever had on the farm.  Her progeny have black mottling on their faces.  Some day I will relate the story of how April came to our farm.

This is a view down farm lane towards the road.  We have 12 ash trees lining the farm lane-although they still appear to be healthy Emerald Ash Borer has been identified in our area so sadly it is just a matter of time before we lose these trees.  We are carefully watching another large ash tree close to the farmhouse which we suspect may already have been infected.

We have started cutting and baling hay...the first bales to go into the barn are beautiful!  The bales have a lovely green colour and a fabulous sweet hay smell.

A snail visitor at the bird bath.

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  1. I had just sheared April's grand daughter the night before. She actually looks pretty good...hahaha. I must be getting better, it took less than 10 minutes to do her. It's hard work so I can only do one or two a night....long process but they will all have a cut and a mani-pedi (hooves trimmed) by the time winter comes