Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hello everyone, we have had a glorious weekend with sun and warm temperatures.  The grass is quickly turning green and the daffodils are in full bloom.  Gardening activities are in full swing!

We have many varieties of daffodils in our gardens and unlike our tulips they seem to be immune to the foraging of rabbits.  Once they have finished blooming many of my clumps will be divided.  Eventually we will move many of the bulbs to our newest driveway allowing them to naturalize under our newly planted maple saplings.

Even Chantal has a case of spring fever.  After a long cold winter indoors she is enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

 One of our two muscovy ducks is searching for fresh green shoots.  Muscovy ducks are sometimes used by farmers in barns to help keep flies at bay.  These two ducks are quite old and wander around the farm following the sheep.
 Our farm has many old apple trees.  These trees are in our grove garden and are completely hollow inside.  Surprisingly however they still produce apples.  Not surprisingly they are also home to a family of raccoons.  Every spring we are astonished to find that the trees have survived the winter.  Every the summer we expect them to come down in a wind storm.
 Some of the crocuses have already finished their cheerful blooms.  We have many naturalizing bulbs in the gardens with crocuses being one of my favourites.

 Our cast iron urns have been neglected over the years.  They will receive a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint before being moved to their new home flanking our back entrance.
 Drakk and Holly patiently waiting at the gate for Gilles to come home.  Proper fencing and gates is crucial to protect our pets from traffic on our country road.  Our dogs are never allowed to run off the property and are only permitted to run loose on our property when we are with them.
 One of several garden thugs!  When first provided with some divisions of this perennial poppy I was cautioned that it might not survive.  Sadly not only did it survive but it flourished and now I am having trouble getting rid of it!
 Another garden thug!  Ironically when we moved to the farm I tried in vain to grow violets from seed.  After being provided with little seedlings from a fellow gardening friend they are now threatening to take over our farm!  Another friend once remarked that she feared she would have to sell her home to escape them.
This beautiful sweet cicely plant was also donated by a fellow gardening enthusiast.  Unfortunately it self seeds rampantly and is also now on my "thug" list!  

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