Monday, May 18, 2015

Victoria Day Long Weekend

Hello visitors, I hope everyone enjoyed a safe long weekend.  The weather has been unseasonably warm for this early in the season...29 degrees at 6 pm!

 Much of the property around our home is still littered with construction debris and piles of clay and topsoil.  I am so surprised to see that some of my bulbs have been able to force their way up through the stone rubble.  
 Last summer we hired a tree removal company to relocate some trees that were in the way of our new construction.  We were not sure if this mountain ash would survive and as you can see it did not!
 All of the apple trees are blooming.  This is a mature apple tree that is planted along our parking area.
 This is our little privy that my husband built one year for my birthday.  I saw a picture of one in a magazine and thought it would be a cute little building to store our trash and recycling in.
 These purple tulips managed to come up between some piles of left over construction lumber.
 In a previous post I mentioned some garden thugs.  This is Alpine Currant and it is not only well established but is started to spread like mad.  A transplant by our farm gate has even tolerated sheep and lambs taking a nibble as they go past.  It is nicely scented and the birds eat the berries so I must find another place to plant it where its' rampant behaviour wont be so irritating.
 Jacob's Ladder is a lovely addition to the shade border.
 Sweet woodruff has a very pretty flower and while it spreads it is easily pulled out.  The leaves can be dried and used to repel moths.
 A flowering crab apple.  
 The robin's nest in the eaves of the garden shed has babies!
 The allium is now budding out and in a day or two will all be in full bloom.

  In the distance the apple trees at the back of the property are in bloom.  The apple trees are very popular with the deer that cross our property and the sheep love to eat the windfall apples in the autumn.

A perfect area for breakfast or a glass of wine at the end of a hard day of gardening!  We love having so many different vistas to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting!

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