Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Walk Around The Gardens

An example of a neatly designed bird's nest in our gazebo.  Birds have many locations on our property in which to build nests.

 Our fields are greening up nicely and with the recent warmth the buds on the trees in the forest are starting to open.

 The high bush cranberry still has berries left from the winter.

 This very old apple tree in the grove is covered in mosses.

 And this old apple tree featured in a previous post is becoming even more hollow!  Now we can see through it.

 Each fall I collect as many leaves as possible for our composters.  Leaf mold is an excellent addition to the gardens.

 Willoughby Lane is a major project for this year.  The lane is 330 feet long and so far has taken 21 loads of gravel which is over 175 metric tonnes.   We will be lining this driving with sugar maple saplings.

 The pasture in front of our house is growing nicely.  We will be able to take a cut of hay in a few weeks.

 Another example of a bird's nest located in our little garden privy.  A bird has included a sample of mesh in this nest!

We have a great many barns swallows living in our barn.  This nest is just being built and includes hay and even some baling twine.

The allium is in full bud and will be blooming shortly.

Lambs and ducks enjoying some sunshine in the barn.

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