Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Touches In The Dining Room

Hello dear friends, the Christmas season has already started here at the farm!   Our first dinner with friends has come and gone as has the family Christmas dinner which was held last weekend to accommodate my brother's travel plans.  We will be having a small Christmas dinner here on Tuesday with my mother with two more family events scheduled before heading back to work in January.  We have even managed to fit in some visits with other friends in this busy holiday season!  

Friends, I very often over-think and over-plan festivities at the farm!  While I never feel properly prepared we are always delighted that our guests feel so much at home and have such a lovely time while visiting.  This year is quite busy for us so I have enlisted the aid of Willow, our sweet old yellow lab. I believe that Willow may be looking for new recipes to try.  Or she might be looking for ideas on how to decorate the farm for the holidays.  Or, considering her breed, she might just be looking for comfortable dog beds. 

I somehow ended up  with quite a few ornaments that didnt make it into trees this year.  As we were waiting for guests to arrive we added some of the ornaments and lights to a crystal vase and fruit bowl.  I like it!

The dining room fireplace mantel is decorated for Christmas.  The year we installed an antique plate rack and plates above the fireplace.  I must ask my mother about the history behind some of the items that traveled from Europe to Canada and are now reside in our farmhouse.

Some of you may recognize the stone wall in the dining room.  For some 150 years this was an exterior wall in our old stone farmhouse.  After starting major renovations four years ago this stone wall is now an interior wall in several rooms including two bedrooms and the kitchen.

The dining room is the last room that will be finished.  When we designed the addition we wanted a formal dining room that would comfortably seat about 10 people and would be roomy enough for our formal dining room furniture.  The new dining room is approximately 12 by 20 feet and although it still needs wood trim and wood flooring we have been using it frequently.  We have lots of room for our 7 foot tall Christmas tree.  

A little table-scape.  We have been using red floodlights to illuminate the stone house at Christmas which gives a pink shade to our lace curtains.  They are actually beige.

 Another view of the dining room mantel with a small St Nicholas. 


Earlier this year I found these little gold acorns at a gift shop.  We added them to champagne flutes and martini glasses on the mantel.

This glass bird ornament was supposed to be part of a larger ornament which broke.  I have hung it from an antique decanter.

I found little glass reindeer a couple of years ago and love how the reflect on a mirrored tray.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share more pictures of some of our Christmas decorations.  

~Thank you for visiting!~

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