Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Preparing for Christmas

Hello dear friends, thank you for those of you patiently waiting for me to post some farm updates!  We have had a busy fall and with a recent snowfall I am shifting into Christmas mode.  Our celebrations will be more subdued than usual this year but we will extend the holiday season by hosting dinners for friends on alternate weekends.   We love to serve great food and wine with people that we have not seen in far too long!

Christmas decorating is underway.  I have been adding to our collection of Christmas trees and as we get closer to finishing our never ending renovations I will be able to put more of them up.

We have 2 small trees on either side of our front door.  After some reflection I think that they need some additional ornaments.

Earlier this year I bought a small metal sign that says "Please Close The Gate".  At the time we didnt actually have a gate but now we do!  And here it is lit and with a dusting of snow.  My very handy husband built the gate a few weeks ago.  One more project done!

A little burst of snow created some beautiful scenery.  This is the terrace area adjacent to our dining room.  The stone wall holds the waterfall garden that has appeared in other posts.  At this time of year the waterfall is not running and the fish have been moved to the koi pond to overwinter.

This festive tree is on the veranda on the side of our old stone house.

Here is a peaceful early morning view towards the barn.  

We have not had any time to enjoy the little gazebo this year but I thought it still deserved a tree.  

There is still much work to be done decorating the trees in the house.  I will be able to share more photos shortly!

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