Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Living Room at Christmas

Hello dear friends, I am happy to report that as I drive home in the darkness I have noticed that many homes still have Christmas trees standing and lit!  As I have only taken down one tree so far this makes me happy.  :)  I still have many trees standing in various rooms and think that leaving them up until the end of January should be perfectly acceptable.  So before we reach the end of the month I will try to take some photos to share with you.

While shopping for something else just before Christmas we somehow ended up with yet one more tree to add to our collection.  For those that are counting we have a total of 10 trees decorated and lit is year but really we should only count trees that are at least 6 feet it is really only 7.  I know that there are some of you that support me on this.

Decorating a Christmas tree is exhausting.  Just ask our darling old Willow!

These crocheted snowflakes are almost 30 years old!

Since this tree was a last minute purchase we had to make room for it.  Poor Abby the German Shepherd puppy wondered where her kennel went...but knows that at this time of year we all have sacrifices we must make.

Lots of trees require a respectable collection of ornaments.  Over the years we have added some special ornaments including this spun glass pear shaped ornament.

Or a snow encrusted glass ball.

This old silver tea pot has been repurposed as a vessel for greenery.  Over the years the pot has developed cracks and finally the hinge holding the lid in place broke.  I love the warmth and glow of polished silver and love to keep these pieces around for impromptu arrangements. 

And finally this sweet little stopper was a Christmas gift.  How sweet!

Thank you for visiting and wishing everyone a lovely week!

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