Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tea Pots!

Hello dear friends and happy Boxing Day!  For those that are wondering Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and according to lore it is traditionally a day in which the fortunate "box up" gifts and foods to distribute to those that are less fortunate.  At the farm it is always a day to recover from rush leading up to Christmas day and to enjoy turkey sandwiches on fresh bread!  It is a bitterly cold and windy day today so I am going to share some photos of tea pots to help keep us warm!

I dont actually collect silver tea pots although I do have several.  This one has been well loved over the years and the love is starting to show!  

Over the last few years I have enjoyed making detours in my travels to visit thrift shops for old tea cups.  When I first started buying them they were very reasonably priced but it seems that tea cups are quite collectible and the prices have increased while the selection has gone down.  Every now and again though I do find one that I quite like.

This old tea pot was a great find at a little gift shop in Orangeville.

Another thrifty find.

Tea anyone?

Hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas!  

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