Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adding Christmas Touches

Hello dear friends, I am still preparing the house for Christmas. Although we are not planning any events for the farm this year I am enjoying sorting through collections of "stuff" to see what I have and what I would still like to get.  In the process I am hoping to locate some items that I used to have...but cant seem to find.  In our pre-renovation "stash and dash" we seem to have stashed some things so well we cant seem to find them back!

This is part of the living room mantle piece.  I have been experimenting with taking photos without a flash and need to practice some more!

I have had this heart ornament for many years.  I cant remember where I bought it...either Savannah GA or Niagara On The Lake.  It is one of my favourites.

i love old silver tea pots.

Many years ago my mother and I spent time together making Christmas ornaments.  We made several satin cornucopias for the tree.

Another tree added to the collection outside.  This is in the alcove which joins our addition to the old stone house.  

Need I say more?

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