Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Feeding the Birds

Hello dear friends, our bird feeders have been very busy this week! The temperatures are much below normal for this time of year and we have about 15 cm of snow at the farm so the birds are enjoying a selection of seed at the various feeders.  At this rate we need to refill all feeders every 3-4 days.  

The little red barn bird feeder is outside our kitchen window and provides a great deal of enjoyment for me while I wash the dishes or prepare meals.  Another feeder is outside our living room window with other feeders installed on posts or trees around the property.

Cardinals are always a welcome sight.

We have had 3 mourning doves cleaning up the seeds that other birds toss to the ground.

This is a very rare bird-dog.


The blue jays are aggressive feeders and toss much of the seed to the ground.

 A colourful woodpecker.

 I was surprised to see a rabbit under the feeder.

I love chickadees.

And junkos.

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Gorgeous "rare, bird-dog"! :) Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!