Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wild Weather at the Farm

Hello dear friends, it has been the strangest week for weather!  We had a couple of days of hot humid weather with temperatures of 30 degrees followed by a big drop in temperatures with high winds and heavy rain.  

It is still early in the season but the trees are all starting to leaf out.  The many apple trees in our areas had a brief glorious display of blossoms but most of the petals have been blown off by high winds.  Lake Belwood is just visible in the distance.

After hot humid weather on Tuesday and Wednesday we had strong winds on Thursday.  By the afternoon clouds started to build and we had a brief period of heavy rain showers.  We didnt notice until the following day that the winds blew the roof off of one of our bird houses!  It is lying on the grass by our little blue spruce tree.

Heavy rain is blurring the view of Bailey's Garden.

We sat on our front veranda watching the rain come down.  In about 10 minutes time we received 8 mm of rain.

And then as suddenly as it started it was over.  I have never photographed a rainbow before!  We were not able to locate the pot of gold which is unfortunate because if we did we would retire and spend every day at the farm!

Now this is annoying.  Two of our lambs are just small enough to fit through the fences and spend part of the day grazing the lawn in the grove.  It didnt take long for them to discover the tulips and once discovered they wasted no time in munching on them.  

Our sheep have been enjoying the pastures across the road this week.  Sheep love dandelions so as they return home they often make a quick detour to nibble on some.  I think that this lamb was vocally denying any involvement in the Tulip Caper.

A view towards one of the gardens from the veranda.  Most of the tulips are past their prime now.

The koi pond is still a work in progress.  Although this week's rainfall was brief the heavy rains from over a week ago caused the pond to overflow.

I hope you enjoyed this quick update!  Thank you for visiting.

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