Friday, May 19, 2017

Mid May at the Farm

Hello dear friends, this time of year is particularly busy at the farm. The trees are starting to leaf out, the grass is lush and green and we have birds everywhere.  The gardens change daily at the farm and I have a few quick photos to share.

Just over a week ago many parts of Ontario and Quebec received significant rainfall with many areas suffering from severe flooding.  Although it became quite soggy at the farm and we had some ponding we didnt have the water damage many other areas experienced.  Now a week later the garden soil has just the right of moisture to make weeding easy!

A week ago the crab apple trees were just starting to bud and now they have burst open with glorious blossoms.

I simply cannot seem to master the art of taking photos of the koi.  The koi pond and its' surrounding stone wall is quite a project.  This week some of the deck and step details are coming together so in a couple of weeks I hope to have some pictures of the finished pond.

A lovely spot for tea.

Pretty pretty Holly.

A view over Willoughby gate towards the forests in the distance.

Well that was a very quick peak at some of the views at the farm.  Thank you for visiting and enjoy your weekend!

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