Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Stroll

Hello dear friends we have had a very busy weekend so sadly no time to work in the gardens.  We have another wet week with another 35 mm of rain on Wednesday.  Many parts of the province have experienced record rainfalls.  The consistency of the soil is just perfect for weeding so if I can learn to tolerate the blackflies that are out in droves at the moment I will try to spend a bit of time gardening during the evenings.

I love this mix of tulips from Veseys called "Wine Lovers".   Those that know me will understand the significance of the name!

More tulips from the same collection.  I planted them last fall in the Hercules garden.  The apple tree in this garden has almost finished blooming and the petals have left a beautiful carpet of white.

We have many varieties of apple trees on the farm and while some have already finished blooming others are just coming into their full glory.  Colours range from pure white to pink with many shades in between.

I love allium!

We have some lilacs in the hedgerows.

I believe this to be some form of wild choke cherry.  Did you notice the snail?

More lilacs with a divine fragrance.

Another apple tree.

A pair of ducks at Lake Ophelia.

Part of our old stone house.

This is a perennial bachelors button (Centaurea Montana) which has brilliant electric blue flowers but is rather weedy and a rampant self sower.

I hope you enjoyed our little bit of exercise.  Wishing everyone a lovely week.

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