Lucy at Christmas

Lucy at Christmas

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Abigail Moves To The Farm!

Hello dear friends, after the last sad post I wanted to share some great news!  We now have a new addition to our family....Abigail!  After a great deal of thought and research we found a German Shepherd breeder that we trusted and were able to bring home a beautiful 17 week old puppy.  Xena's name at the farm is Abigail, or "Abby".

Many of our friends know that we are very partial to German Shepherds.  We have had many over the years at the farm and all of them have been rescues although we have had some other dogs here as well.  So many dogs over the years...Hercules, Ophelia, Tessie, Carrie, Sasha, Bailey, Kodiak, Jessie, Drakk, Holly and finally Willow and Lucy.  All very beautiful dogs that had a challenging start to life but through serendipity became valued and cherished members of our family.  Now we have finally brought a beautiful registered puppy into the family! 

All of our beloved pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are still with us at the farm.  Each has its own garden and statue. This is one of the many benefits of being in the country.

Introducing Abigail!  She still has floppy ears and is absolutely adorable.  It has been many years since we have had a puppy in our home and we have had to do some quick puppy proofing.  She has a lovely personality and is inquisitive and outgoing.  We are happy that she fit in so quickly. 

Abby arrived yesterday so today was her first full day experiencing life at the farm.  It was a sunny but cool day and Abby enjoyed spending time outside with her adopted sisters. 

Willow, Lucy and Abby have all adjusted to each other quickly.  Willow is our oldest lab and seems to have taken a motherly interest in Abby.  Lucy is a little less certain but once outside they enjoy running and playing together.

The area around the farmhouse is fenced and gated.  Yesterday we kept Abby on a leash at all times but today it was quickly clear that she wanted to be where the other dogs were so we removed the leash to let her run.

We would like to teach Abby to work with the sheep as Kodiak and Drakk did before her.  Today she is being introduced to the sheep in the barn.  She isn't too sure what to make of the sheep and they are not sure what to make of her!

So much to see and do!  So many new sights and sounds...yesterday was sensory overload but today she is taking things much more in stride. Today our ears are facing "left"!

The chickens are very exciting.  Let's see if we can herd them!

They are so much fun!

No chickens were harmed during this session.😉    Abby has chased them but has not shown any signs of aggression.  The chickens will no doubt be plotting their revenge! 

We have two cats in our home.  Abby has met Horatio and thinks he is fascinating.  Unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way about her.  Abby is not comfortable navigating the staircase to the second floor so has not yet met Chantalaria, our other resident cat.  Chantalaria has been carefully assessing the situation from the top of the stairs and is reserving judgement.

It has only been just over 24 hours but we are already in love with our newest fur-child.

Thank you to everyone for visiting and have a great week!

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  1. Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy every minute with her. I see she loved Horatio from day one... just like me. :)