Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Colours of Fall

Hello dear friends, we are heading into fall with cooler temperatures and a fresher feel to the air.  It is time to start thinking about hearty soups and stews along with warm blankets and a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Next weekend will be Thanksgiving!  And we will be taking another week of vacation preparing the garden for winter.  In the meantime though I took a little stroll around the house to look at the leaves.

Leaves are landing on the decks around the house.

Leaves are also falling into the bird baths.

 This is some crazy deformed apple!

Many leaves are still green.  We expected with our hot dry summer that we wouldnt see much fall colour.


Beautiful warm colours.

Still working on my little garden shed.  I need to finish painting the windows.

Lucy is an apple thief and sneaks them into the house.

This rose was moved a couple of times and then trampled.  It somehow managed to survive and produce one flower. 

A view down the road.  Sadly we were advised that the power company will be removing many of the branches from our large maples so that they dont interfere with the power lines.  We believe that these maples may be 80 or more years old and they are taller than our house.  From our lawns they look like beautiful mature trees but from the road you can see that over the years many of the branches have been removed turning them into half-trees.  

I am anxiously awaiting my order of bulbs from Vesey's which will be delivered early next week.  Once the bulbs are planted it will be time to put all of the gardening tools away for another season and start working on the inside of our house.

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