Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prison Break!

Hello everyone, I was dismayed to receive a message early this morning from our neighbours advising me that there were sheep....lots of them!....at their home.  As we are the only sheep farmers in the area it didnt take much sleuthing to determine that they are ours. :)

Heading down the road....

Observing the posted speed limit.....

Stopping for apples....

Before being reunited with a new mum and her little lamb.

We are fortunate that our neighbours took this all in stride.  Just an another example of excitement at Carogil Farm!

~thank you for visiting!

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  1. part of the fencing at the back of the farm is still split cedar rails. The sheep were cleaning up all the windfall apples and worked against the fence to reach more apple trees on the neighbour's property. Eventually, they knocked down 2 panels and went for a stroll. It was easier and faster to bring them back along the road than to try and herd them back through the bush. Luckily, they have been trained to follow the grain bucket.