Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

Hello dear friends, after what seems like weeks of oppressive heat and drought we have finally had some rain...about 80 mm in the last week which is more than we have had here at the farm all summer.  In a few short days the lawns have gone from crunchy and yellow to lush and green.  For the first time in weeks we will need to have the grass mowed!

There seems to be a little whiff of fall in the air.  The apples are starting to change colour and this morning the air is crisp and cool.

Thank you Greta for these beautiful roses.

 And thank you Yvonne for this lovely notebook!

I have a new camera and was anxious to start playing with it.

Our dear old Drakk relaxing on the veranda and supervising a work project.  Weekends are far too short, don't you think?

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