Thursday, August 11, 2016

August Heat Wave!

Hello dear friends, here at the farm we do tend to obsess about the weather!  We are in the grips of yet another heat wave with humidex values well into the 40s.  The drought conditions continue and even though some areas have received localized heavy rains we have had less than 40 mm of rain here since the beginning of July.

Just for the record this is Celsius, not Fahrenheit!  The is also in the shade. :(

This is part of crab apple grove.  Although the trees have been holding on there is no hope for this pasture to recover.  We will need to reseed it next year and hope for rain!

This is part of the pasture that our sheep graze across the road from our farm.  The land is parched.

The thistle on the other hand is quite content!

Fortunately we have many shady areas on the farm that provide our sheep with relief from the heat and they always have access to the barn which is cool and dark.

The weather forecast is calling for much needed rain over the next couple of days so we are hoping that the rain clouds are squarely focused on our farm and will give us a good drenching!

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