Monday, March 7, 2016

Snowy Saturday

Hello everyone, I spent an enjoyable day on Saturday shopping with a dear friend and came home after lunch to heavy but beautiful snowfall.  Here are some photos.

Many of us have been experiencing unusually mild temperatures so far this winter with very little snowfall.  For the last few weeks Horatio seems to have had a bad case of spring fever and isnt going to let this bit of snow prevent him from a little patrol outside.

The little garden shed in the distance.

The crab apple with the Bailey statue softened by the falling snow.

Apple lane in the distance. 

Every garden has a name for one of our beloved pets.  The Canadian flag is in Tessie's garden.

I love this little maple with its' seeds still clinging to the branches.

I planted this "blue" spruce about 20 years ago when it was about 18 inches tall.  Every year I expect it to turn blue but it hasnt so far.

I hope you enjoyed this quick snowy visit!

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