Friday, March 25, 2016

Another Ice Storm!

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!  Last weekend I was puttering in the garden and admiring some tiny crocuses coming up in the lawn.  Yesterday we had an ice storm and as I am composing this post we have been almost 24 hours without power.  Last year we had a generator installed as part of a major renovation so are fortunate that the loss of power hasn't inconvenienced us greatly.  The same is not true for our neighbours and some of the surrounding areas are not expected to have power before midnight tomorrow.  

One of our favourite views towards apple lane with the trees laden with ice.

A view towards the front pasture with our forest beyond.

The view towards our gate this morning was beautiful however the ice was very treacherous so I wasn't able to take close up photos.  Better safe than sorry!  Before getting to the driveway I needed to climb our stone staircase and it was just a little too icy for my liking!

Our cedar hedge and the poor clothes line weighted down with ice.

Our cute little birdhouse.

The birch tree suffered a bit of damage but the Austrian pine behind it did not fare well with the weight of the ice.

Part of a cedar encased in ice.

The direction of the winds impacted the direction of the icicles on the trees.  Weather warnings for today replaced freezing rain with brisk winds so we can expect more downed trees and power lines.

This pine cone contained lard and bird seeds.

Another feeder encased in ice.

The balcony was also covered in ice with a maple branch leaning against it.  Fortunately as the ice melted the branch returned to its' proper position but it means that a pruning is in order.

Ice on the roof.

Ice everywhere!

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