Monday, February 22, 2016

Farm Weekend

Hello everyone, we had a very unwelcome visit from a mink over the weekend.  It scaled the fence in the barn and killed our last 7 chickens.  We recently had 17 of our hens killed by what we thought was a weasel which had gained entry to our hen house.  Sometimes having a farm is fun and sometimes it is not.

In the spring we will be doing some work on the hen house to try to make it predator-proof and then we will order more laying hens.  In the meantime I will miss having my fresh supply of eggs daily.

Meanwhile work continues on the guest bedroom.  We found an old headboard and footboard at a local thrift shop and will give it a coat of stain later to darken the wood.  The new beds were delivered a couple of weeks ago and are a big improvement over the old worn out mattress we had before.  Chantal approves.

We are milling the trim for the rooms in the addition.  Our goal is to have the interior of the new construction look as if it is part of the original farmhouse which dates to the 1850s.  Building the millwork for the cathedral window is a bit of a job!

The chandalier is installed over the bed.

I have been collecting various pieces of Delftware and other blue and white pieces.  They will be displayed in the guest room when it is done.

Lucy approves of the bed too.

After spending several hours painting the new kitchen and breakfast room it was time to enjoy a loaf of home made bread.  Delicious!

 This past weekend we enjoyed springlike temperatures.  This morning our house was bathed in warm sunlight but the forecast calls for a snow storm later this week.

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