Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hello everyone, it is a very cold weekend here at the farm with windchills of minus 37.  We shouldn't complain too much though as other parts of the country are even colder.  Overall we have had a very mild winter.  In spite of the very cold temperatures the sun is getting noticeably warmer.

We have ice on the inside of some of our windows!

 The barn is relatively toasty at minus 2 degrees.  When the temperatures get this cold the barn is closed up.  Although the ewes dont mind the cold it can be fatal for the little lambs as they dont have the body fat to protect them.

 Hello, would you like to play with me?  You look funny!

 This little lamb is about one week old.  We have about 12 lambs in the barn at the moment.

 We made a mixture of fat, peanut butter and bird seeds to feed the birds in this weather.  All of our feeders are topped up so there is lots to eat.  We havent had much bird activity other than chickadees and today we saw a woodpecker.

We were astonished to see how quickly this black squirrel appeared to raid one of the feeders.  We like to use sections of large branches for some of the feeders-we carve out little hollows and fill them with suet.  It would appear from his puffy appearance that he is cold too.

We are taking a bit of time away from work this week to continue working on the house.  We should have some work-in-progress pictures to share soon!

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