Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Stroll

Hello everyone, I thought I would take a little stroll around the property and share some photos with you.  We have had very little snow for this time of year but it was quite cold today with a wind chill of -20 Celsius...my fingers were quite cold!

A view of our old farmhouse from the road.  The addition is the wing on the rear of the house.  We have just enough snow to cover the grass.

Everything looks rather dreary perhaps because it was overcast today.  The main floor of the addition is our new dining room.  The second floor in this photo is a guest room-I recently shared photos of this work in progress.  We still have much finishing work to do. 

Sasha's statue is barely covered in snow.

We still have some round bales of hay in one of our farm lanes that didnt quite make it to the barn.

Our chickens are enjoying their winter residence in our barn.  Sadly most of our chickens were killed when a weasel gained access to our hen house.  These hens are old girls but still provide us with about 4 fresh eggs per day.  We are not sure but think that the weasel may have in turn been killed by an owl that has taken up residence in a large maple by our barn.

A lamb in action!

We have 6 lambs in the barn at the moment.   Although I asked politely most of them were not interested in having their photos taken today.

Many of the apple trees still have apples on their branches. 

I was quite annoyed to catch several sheep one morning eating our cedars.  They stand on their hind legs with their front legs on the split cedar rail fence and nibble on the green branches.  Very irritating!!  The sheep have done quite a bit of damage to this little hedge.

We have several bird houses scattered across the farm.  This one is on a fence tucked behind a large cedar to provide shelter and protection.

I painted a pair of old skates with gold paint and hung them on our gate as a Christmas decoration.   I was quite late putting decorations up and am quite late taking them down-at least I am consistent!

This deer is a prototype made from firewood and twigs and branches that fall from our large maples.  I think it is rather cute!

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